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Pink Diva Shop – the place for all your pinkness

February 6, 2012

I am lucky enough to be married to a wonderful woman and have 3 small girls.

But what this means is that my world is pink.  All shades of pink.
As the kids get older and I look at what my wife wears it appears as if the shade of pink gets darker and darker with age.
Maybe this is why it eventually turns to purple and then black (or so I’ve been told)

So, for birthdays and Christmas the presents have had a very pink flavour.  Everything from pink notebooks, to pink hats, gloves, socks, coats, dressing up clothes (the kids).  One of my wife’s handbags is pink (she does have a green and black one also that I can remember).  Also, pink colouring pens and pencils appear to be the starting point for all drawings.

Like a good father I went on line to find pink stuff for my wife and kids and found the search a bit arduous as most sites do not list based on colour but based on product type.

So, to solve this for myself and anybody else who is either pink obsessed or knows somebody who craves pink I put together Pink Diva Shop where everything is pink related.  There are UK and US sites so depending on where you are the relevant country site works best.

As you’d expect I don’t have a big old warehouse to store all of this stuff so I am using Amazon for the stock and delivery.  This means the site is stocked to the rafters with pink things and has the reliability and support of Amazon behind it to make it trustworthy and easy to use.

I must admit when I built the site first I was amazed at the sheer amount of pink stuff Amazon has.  I have a feeling this may be my Valentines Day shopping sorted.

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