The deserted website

April 19, 2011

When looking for a local company to buy something or to provide a service I check out their website even if the original source was a print ad or a friend’s recommendation.  It is at this point that the short list gets shorter and on occasion I will discount all recommendations and start the search again.

Why, because the websites for many small businesses are not giving me a good impression of the company. From the obvious poorly designed, badly written websites to the less obvious ‘feeling’ I get when on the site.   I want to feel positive about doing business with these people.

Can I trust you to deliver?
For small businesses this is even more important as we can now source things from anywhere so the local businesses main advantage is service and connectedness.

If your website doesn’t give me the feeling that I can trust you I’ll just move on and you will never know you missed a potential sale.  Also, unless you check your website statistics you will not know you were even in the running.

Come on; show your website a bit of care and attention and it will repay you.
Give the walls a new lick of paint, hang some new pictures, maybe even update the 1950’s decor* to that your site looks like it’s somewhere I want to hang out.

*1950’s decor – in internet years 1950’s decor is anything made before 2005 and for some this could even be as late as 2008.


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