Lamenting book stores and libraries

April 6, 2011

I was reading Goodbye, Borders – I Hardly Knew You by Nolan Ross on Circle Six Magazine where he discuses his experience with book stores.

The question I have is whether it is the books that we miss or the feeling of being in a book place with the cup of coffee and the people watching.   For me it’s the latter.   I love the browsing, the finding of new books, the ability to thumb through them and get a feeling for how it will entertain and inform me while in a non-rushed place.   If the book stores go then it will be real loss to humanity.

In the UK we have a situation where the libraries are being shut down to save money.  I was thinking couldn’t the libraries fill the void that is being caused by book stores going out of business. They would just need to serve coffee and snacks to make it more social.   Give us more engaging libraries and suddenly they become places people want to go again.

Also, as a comparison I don’t feel a loss for record stores because you never really experienced new things there. You could look at the cases and see what’s out there but the chances are it was either on the radio, television or a friends music taste that has created the want to get new music. Not the experience of going into the store.

Goodbye, Borders – I Hardly Knew You


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