Not failing is more important than succeeding

March 4, 2011

A friend of mine had a great website with tens of thousands of visitors every day. The only thing was it didn’t make him any money so he had to keep his crappy well paid day job to live and support the website.

He had great ideas for how to make it more commercial and even saved enough to take a year our to develop the site to the point where it could scale and be commercial.

After the year he procrastinated and never put it live.

From talking to him he was afraid to fail. He had something that made him feel good about himself in a site that was enjoyed by lots of people every day. He was afraid that if he started charging he would lose this and it was more important to feel good rather than be commercial.

This is a point we all have to be really honest with ourselves. Are we afraid to lose what we have in pursuit of what we want. Unless this fear can be overcome it’s not possible to give 100%, because if we did there would be no excuse to delay.

So, how did my friend get on. Well eventually he hacked up a bit of code over a weekend, accepted subscriptions and made $10k  with no real effort.

A years dedicated – no change.

Overcame the fear, 2 days of hacking and suddenly he is earning $10k.

Overcoming the fear is all it takes. How tough can that be.


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