When a client is happy to share – one more question

October 27, 2010

You know those clients that when you meet for 30 minutes you end up leaving an hour late feeling like that was a really useful meeting and it was great that they opened up so much.

Be cautious with this belief.  In any discussion people share what they are comfortable sharing. When you meet a new person for the 1st time you end up talking about your job, star signs, the weather, sports but the chances are you don’t talk about your failed relationships and drink problem.  A bit too much sharing.
Exactly the same thing happens in business. The real juicy things are held back until trust and a relationship is developed.  Even then unless you ask there is a real possibility that your client or worse prospect will not share their real problems with you.

To get past this you have to ask one more question.
When you get to that point in the meeting where you feel everything has been discussed ask one more open question (who, what why, when, where or how).  Then maybe one more question.  In this way you will be getting closer and closer to the real problems that you can support your client with.

One More Question


Without this your meeting was like a meeting in the pub.  Interesting, but may not have moved things forward.




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