Selling to the initiatives

September 22, 2010

If you sell a service that supports a customer’s ability to be successful with their initiatives there is always the risk of not being specific enough with the real value you add. If a customer imitative is to improve effectiveness within their organisation and offer tools that can achieve this it looks like a no-brainer that they would want your service.

The potential customer might even be happy to tell you all about why they are doing it and how important it is that this gets fixed now. Sounds like a done deal. Then at the last-minute it just doesn’t happen. Why?

Well, one reason I have seen regularly is trying to sell based on the initiative and not the problem. This potential client is going to do something about their efficiency whether they use your service or not, so just providing a service or product that is useful is not enough. You have to show them what problem with their initative you will solve for them that they cannot solve on their won. Now there is value in your service. Now it’s a need and not a nice to have.

So, before asking for the business make sure you solve a real problem they have and not just support an initiative and you will go from a nice to have to a need to have.

Deal done.


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