Is analytics slowing the web

July 2, 2010

In the past 12 months I have seen the main websites I visit getting slower and slower.
Originally I thought it was due to the amount of content on the sites and maybe the fact that my machine was getting slower.

But then I did a quick check on one of the pages and was amazed to see the amount of sites referenced.  So, when I call a webpage the server I connect then has to connect to a bunch of other servers to deliver lots of bits of content or gather information to support advertising.

The site that broke the back of my netbook wasn’t a flash mad site like Youtube, but Engadget after their redesign.  Now on my network it gives me an error sating there is a problem with a script loading – for every page.  So, when I open an article in a new tab my machine freezes (I can do nothing), fails to load the page and then asks me to stop running a script.  Once I stop running the script the page loads fine.  I get the information I want so it must be a script gathering information.

To check this out I looked at the source for the home page and below is the list of different websites called by this one page.

www.blogsmithmedia.com I expect this is an AOL site, but it's not engadget.com - loads of them

o.aolcdn.com/ Something to do with ads - loads of them
www.blogcdn.com Appears to be where images are held - lots of them - loads of them

www.facebook.com Maybe it's the Facebook apps that is slowing it all down

So, the site is referencing other sites for all this content and it makes the site so slow that it actually causes my browser to fail with an error.

I was wondering if this the same for other websites as well.


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