I have to get better at project management

November 22, 2009

Once again I am in the situation where due to not managing my client engagement schedule for web design I suddenly have two sites that have urgent requirements and with limited time available 2 into 1 doesn’t go. So, it looks like some late night and early morning for the next week.

I suppose it is my own fault. I do web design on a part-time freelance basis alongside my full-time job. It suited me for some of the work to potter along at a leisurely pace so I didn’t push the clients when they were slow to respond.

Well, this week 1 came back to me on Tuesday saying they wanted their site to go live Wednesday night as they were doing a customer event on the Thursday. At the same time a Google Adwords campaign I am running for the run into Christmas started giving some interesting browsing habits for the visitors which means the site needs to be updated to take advantage of the Christmas business. The Adwords campaign site takes about 1 order a week, so the intensity of paid for visitors made some problems crystal clear. Another advantage of Adwords, it compresses time.

One of my New Years Resolution will be to get better at project management so I don’t get into this position as often. It might mean one of my Christmas presents to myself will be a book on project management – here comes a trip to Amazon.



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