Using Google Adwords

November 18, 2009

I have run a number of campaigns using Google Adwords and my overriding feeling is that it’s not that difficult to get great results.

For those who don’t know Google Adwords is the system Google provides to buy those ads you see on their search pages and on website content pages.
I have used it based on a cost per click but you can also go for conversion based.
Primarily I have also focused on the simple text ads that are most common and also most accepted in my mind.

To get stated just go to http://adwords.google.com and create an account.
Then provide some details on payment and begin building your campaign(s) with the relevant ads.
Google provides a wealth of tools and reports to help you find the right keywords. Also, if you have a geographical specific offering then you can choose this in the Adwords system.

You set a daily budget and also a max cost per click (CPC). In this way you are in control of your spend. Once you spend your daily budget that’s it until the next day.

A useful exercise is to work out what a lead or sale is worth to you.
If you are selling a product for $100 and the cost per click is $1 and it takes 10 clicks to get a sales. It is worth $10 in marketing to generate $100 in revenue.

My favourite example fo Adwords working and being simple was a retailer who sold wine and did special gift boxes for Christmas.
They had never received an inquiry through their website so they let it get a bit run down.
After completing a bit of research (about 1 hour) on the AdWords potential for the business I explained that for a cost per click of $0.15 they could new leads through their website.
This must have struck a chord as they got their web developer to finish their site and signed up for an Adwords campaign that with a very small investment generated of €6,000 in business in the first 4 weeks.  So, from a standing start to new revenue straight away.

If you have business that sells on-line or takes leads from your website I would definitely recommend checking out Adwords if you haven’t already and do some research on the potential cost per click and the availability and competition for your relevant keywords.
If you set up your campaign and then pause it straight away you can use all the tools to do your research without spending any money. Then once you feel confident you can enable the campaign and hopefully see the business roll in.


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