Building a business online

November 16, 2009

I am doing some work for a website that sells products over the web.
Nice shopping cart with payment integration.
All looks good and this is the area you would expect most of the optimisation.
Ensuring the shopping experience is as good as it possible.

Well, that’s what I thought too until I started to look at the raw logs for the site and looked at the real browsing habits of people who come to the site.

For the ones that put products in the shopping cart then next step is to enter their contact details before going on to complete the payment process. It is at this point that most of the people abort their orders and from the pages they go to next I have the following recommendations for the company.

  1. Provide details on your business that gives visitors to your site confidence in you. So they are happy to give you their contact details.
  2. Provide details on when/how you ship the orders and an estimated delivery time. This is even more essential with holiday shopping going on.
  3. If applicable tell visitors how long your have been in business and the principles that you hold to.

It’s all about confidence in the company. I know I have been happy to pay a premium if I felt more confident in the company’s ability to deliver a quality product on time. It’s exactly the same online. The first decision is do I want to do business with this company and the second decision is do I want this product.

Get this right and you will build your reputation online and your business will keep growing.


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