Afraid of the No

October 24, 2009

From my own sales work and working with other people who sell I have observed a strange behavior that I did not expect to happen to me or to other people where closing business is their measure of success.

I call it ‘being afraid of the no’

Effectively, a deal becomes precious and  has such a huge emotional link to the deal that they do not want to lose it. So, they do anything they can to keep it going. Keeping it live so they may get the Yes required. At best this causes a delay in the deal closes. At worst the deal dies a bad slow death that damages the relationship between the salesperson and the  customer. I have been in this place and I have seen a lot of other people in the same place. It is painful and  is usually at such a low point that they cannot make the necessary change in their behavior without support  from the people around them.

When they get the support they need they can overcome the situation and everybody can get back on track.


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