Amazed how fast XP is on a netbook

October 15, 2009

I recently got a Lenovo S9e netbook.  Standard specs.  Atom A270, 1GB RAM 160GB hard drive.  It has the funky quick boot system to a simple Linux OS with web, media, skype and chat.

What amazed me was how fast the machine was with the installed XP.
Everything zipped along nicely when I started the computer.

Only thing is that’s not the case any more.
Since it is Windows I installed anti-virus software (AVG) and Flash.
This alone  made a dramatic difference to the performance of the computer.

So, it looks like XP on a netbook is great if you never want to connect with anybody else.  If you want to go on the internet then things slow down a lot.  I still use my netbook and really enjoy it, but I wish it was a bit faster or that the overhead for a ‘proper’ functioning Windows XP operating system wasn’t so high.

As a contrast I have run Ubuntu on the system and it zips along fantastically.
I book Ubuntu from a flash drive so my wife doesn’t have to deal with dual booting as she needs Windows XP for software she has for a course she is doing (and no it doesn’t run under WINE, I checked).

I expect the main difference is there is no overhead for anti-virus and since there is a central application for updates Ubuntu doesn’t have 5 or 6 apps running the background so that Windows, Flash, Chrome, Quicktime, … can all check if they need to be updated.

I wouldn’t mind if they ran on start up and then closed themselves down, but they stay running the whole time, stealing resources when adding no value.

Still the Lenovo S9e is great and I have used it a lot more than my desktop over the past few months.


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