Who has the problem?

September 25, 2009

Sometime you have to deal with people who just get on our nerves.   They treat you badly and believe they are better than you.  This can really piss you off.  You feel they are an idiot and completely out of order for acting that way.

So, who has the problem?

If what you want is to make things better then it is you that has the problem.
The only person affected in a negative way by this other person’s actions is you.Actually, the chances are they are quite happy with the way they act/react/behave and so have no reason to change.

That means to solve the problem of you feeling bad you have to do it yourself.  You have to change the way you act/react/behave in these situations.  If you let other people get to you to the extent that it affects your ability to enjoy your own life then it might be a good idea to lighten up and take yourself less seriously.

The only thing you can truly change is yourself.  You can give advice and let other people know the affects of their actions, but to be honest they don’t have to take it on board or do anything with it.

Something I try to do is ask myself the question ‘Will this matter in 3 months?’  If the answer is no then why hold on to the negative feeling when after a short period of time this incident won’t matter.

Ask yourself the question: Who has the problem?


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