Apple is creating an opportunity for Open Source

September 16, 2009

In the last few months I have read more and heard more about people being unhappy with the way Apple controls its App Store for iPhone ( http://calacanis.com/2009/08/08/the-case-against-apple-in-five-parts/ )  The approval process is closed and hidden, so developers have to create their app, submit it and then (fingers crossed) hope that Apple approve it.

Also, there is the restriction on apps not being allowed to compete with functionality on the phone (Google Voice) or provide the ability to program the phone (C64 emulator!)

With this wave of resistance to the Apple way people will look for alternatives and Open Source by its very nature does not have any of these restrictions.

So, I have a feeling that Apple’s controlling ways are at least going to make people think about the alternative options. Even if this time they stick with their iPhone they are more knowledgeable about the choices they have and as for Open Source solutions develop and start to seriously compete on functionality and style it looks like by Apple creating this locked down environment will encourage more people to jump ship.


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